Friday, March 25, 2016

The Seven Laws of Love by Dave Willis

Subtitled “Essential Principles for Building Stronger Relationships”, this book is well written and instructive. Part One describes how love requires commitment, selflessly sacrifices, speaks truth, conquers fear, offers grace, brings healing and lives forever. Part Two applies Part One to one’s spouse, famly, neighbor (everyone), friends, enemies, self, and Creator. The narrative is easy to read, straightforward and well laced with Scripture. The author effectively illustrates points with real-life situations. The author is in his mid-30s, so his childhood memories (and many illustrations) are centered in the ’80s. This results in his book being aimed mainly at a younger audience, and at times that shows. Those of us who are old enough to have recent technology occupy only a small fraction of our lifetimes can be jarred by, for example, a reference to the Bible as “God’s text message.” All in all, this book gives one much to consider about love and loving. Even if the author’s thoughts are not new to the reader, they are a good reminder. I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program.

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