Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Called to Worship by Vernon M. Whaley

This book is a careful study of aspects of worship woven throughout each book of the Bible. Whaley effectively makes the the point that worship is not so much as an activity or occasion as it is a state of mind, heart, and character, both a bent and a lifestyle. He convincingly demonstrates how worship, the most natural response to a relationship with God, was part of the very fiber of victorious saints of the Old and New Testaments. The author spends the first half of each chapter narrating outstanding experiences from books or sections of the Word, and the second half of each chapter delineates principles of worship reflected in that chapter.

Called to Worship was interesting, a great foundational study of the subject of worship. It broadened my thinking about the topic, helping me to see each person as an instrument of worship. The effectiveness of worship will not surpass the quality of the instrument.

This is a careful, well-crafted book. It is not for those who like a lot of flash and dash, as it is subtle in its points, building point upon point quietly and slowly. Biblical truth was well conveyed, and I would recommend this to anyone wanting to study worship.

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