Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless by Max Lucado

Max Lucado's latest book considers common fears while offering comfort from the Word of God, reassuring the reader with truth. Lucado lists fears of not mattering, disappointing God, running out, not protecting our children, overwhelming challenges, worst-case scenarios, violence, the coming winter, life's final moments, what's next, that God is not real, global calamity and of God getting out of my box. With his usual spot-on anecdotes and illustrations, the author skillfully addresses each fear.

I have not been a fan of Max Lucado's writings, mainly because he seemed, at times, hyperglib, to coin a word; that is, he seemed to strain so hard for wittiness and clever turns of phrase that his message was overshadowed. All that shucking and jiving left me weary, and I would lose interest. His latest book, though, is cut from different cloth. While there is the occasional overdone phrase, Lucado has substantial points to make and valuable perspectives to offer in this book. His choice of fears, alone, reflect his thorough consideration of his subject, offering a fresh perspective on a universal topic.

I found this book interesting, challenging, and encouraging, deeply reflecting Scripture in its solutions. I recommend this to anyone wishing to contemplate the subject of fear.

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