Monday, May 16, 2016

Remnants: Season of Glory by Lisa T. Begren

I chose this book because I loved this author’s writing 20 years ago, when she wrote romantic fiction aimed at women. To say the least, she has since shifted gears. Season of Glory is the third and final book of a series. That alone made for a challenging read, as this book picks up where the last left off, with no background given about time, place or people. I gathered that this series is aimed at adolescents or young adults, as the writing consists of much more dialogue than the average novel does. I never did understand much about the time, place or people, although it was evident that it is an imaginary place. The culture was unique, as demonstrated by the language used about it. For example, where we might say a couple was engaged, the characters said they were “bound”. There are knights and royalty involved, so you know it’s a hierarchical society. There are places such as a Citadel, so you know there’s a military system in place. The cause is called “the Way,” and “the Maker” is authoritative. There is a love triangle where two men are interested in one woman. The dialogue itself is rather stiff, as if it’s a Star Trek script. The characters say such things as, “She communicates with our enemy. Stop her from doing so again, would you, my brother? I will address the emperor.” I think only those who start with the first book of the series and enjoy it will want to read Season of Glory. It’s not for everyone. I received this book for free in exchange for my unbiased review through the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze Program.

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